Why It Is Most Advised to Own a Bike in India

Whether you are living in a busy city like Mumbai, Calcutta, or New Delhi or in peaceful Ladakh, a bicycle will always be good to have. A bicycle is not only a mode of transportation but has many benefits as well. It is one of the best way to exercise.

While in India for most of your life, you must have not seen everything in this paradise on earth. The best bicycle under 10000 can get you to the mountains, beaches, and cultural centers. You can also use it to visit your folks in the countryside. It will cost you less.

Aside from the many benefits of having a bicycle, here are other important reasons why it is essential to have this kind of commute, especially during these times.

It Is the Safest Way to Commute

During this time of the pandemic, bicycles can be the safest way to commute. While riding in public transport may get you to your destination faster, you will be exposed to the virus. India has already reached the one million mark of people infected with the coronavirus. This means you are not safe to be in congested areas. With modes of public transport in the country, it is almost impossible not get in close contact with many others.

While vaccines are now being rolled out, no vaccine claims that it is 100% effective. You still need to avoid riding in overcrowded trains and buses. You may get to your destination slower than usual but you can do something about it. You can start earlier so you will not be late for work or other appointments. Indeed, you are better protected with a bicycle unless you are alone in your car.

It Is Cost-Effective

We have seen many businesses going bankrupt because of the pandemic. You must have also felt the impact of the economic slow-down. It’s good if you are not among those who lost their job during this pandemic. But even then, it is a wakeup call that we should always be ready for anything. With a bicycle that can cost under 10000, you can surely cut on cost. There will be no fares to pay or gas to spend for. If you lost your job, you will not need to money to go around looking for employment.

It Is Healthy

Even if you have saved for the rainy days, a health problem can rack up all your savings. Aside from helping you avoid getting infected with the coronavirus, biking will help you to have a healthy body and mind. It is a good form exercise which can help you maintain your physical health. It is also one of the best to relax and free yourself from all the stress you have been into lately. This will help your mental health in check.…