A healthy brain is the most underrated factor in your happiness and success. Without it, you cannot sustainably enjoy life and work on your projects with sufficient tenacity. On the other hand, a healthy brain also lowers your risk of most lifestyle ailments since the control center is working well to regulate other aspects of your body.

For children, brain function is critical to the discovery of their geniuses and athletic capabilities. Therefore, it is a good thing to cultivate as a parent through proper nutrition and safety precautions. Besides that, here are some activities that are healthy for the brain you ought to consider doing. Remember that an active brain keeps you young and energetic.


dancingIt might appear as a physical activity, but it is a brain activity deserving to be on top of your list. Dancing to music causes you to coordinate sound input, the surrounding space, lighting, and your mood. It causes you to use much of the brain cells that you need to stay healthy. Dancing professionally or with professional moves choreographically is a good brain activity just as solving puzzles.

Therefore, if the mental stuff appears scary on you, then you could opt for dancing classes in different genres of music and performance arts. Try dancing now to your favorite music too as that improves your brain function remarkably.

Recalling Activities

Any activity requiring you to recall things exercises the brain, and it helps to keep cells regenerating and young in the brain. You can consider getting a game on the smartphone which lets you recall things you saw five minutes ago. It will help to build your short-term memory, and the long-term memory will also improve drastically.

Listen to Music

Listening to music engages the brain, and it is unlike watching TV, which tends to numb the brain. Listening to music, especially the one having harmonious tones and good lyrics helps you to stay active. You can even listen to music while going to sleep to kill two birds with one stone. You would be fixing your sleep apnea issues while also staying young altogether.

Work on Eye-hand Coordination

coordination Find activities that require you to coordinate the eye and the hand, and you will improve your motor functions, which are critical to normal brain functioning. For example, you could try knitting or drawing. These things might appear easy for adults, but they are not so much straightforward for children and older persons. Trying them out consistently is good. Anything requiring you to think about what you are doing with your hands including solving physical puzzles is good.

Go Play a Sport

Sports engage different parts of motor action skills and the brain, leading to improvements in your overall capability to think on your fit. You can be perfect after a few months with your memory through sports. In fact, parents should let kids play more in competitive sports if they want them to grasp class concepts well and to be smart in their overall thinking and handling of relationships.